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Give yourself the tools for success

When you sell your house you need a broker or real estate agent in whom you can trust. Danielle St-Hilaire is the attentive and skilled ally for the job. Trust her with your real estate and she helps you to make the investment of your life profitable.

These are the tools she puts at your service:

  •  Her expertise in determining the right price

    Before registering your property, Danielle conducts a comparative market study to determine its fair and competitive value. With 10 years experience in the real estate sectors of Repentigny, Pointe-aux-trembles, Laval, Terrebonne, Mascouche, Charlemagne, Montreal and elsewhere in Lanaudière, she knows how to distinguish your home on the market.

  •  Her "PRO-ACTIVE" approach for an efficient sale

    By doing business with Danielle, you first increase the visibility of your property for sale in larger real estate networks like Centris (Realtor, MLS) and RE / MAX. Danielle then finds prospective real estate buyers through telephone survey and promotion to other brokers. Plus, she saves you time by making appointments only with serious and qualified buyers.

  •  Her complete and sustained support

    sell your house with a pro-active approach

    Danielle is your ally throughout the whole evaluation process from signing the bill of sale in front of the notary to registration, visits, negotiation and all necessary forms along the way. She ensures you a complete service at every stage until the end of the transaction.

    With Danielle, you are entitled at all times to the liability insurance for errors or omissions provided by the Quebec real estate brokerage Act. In addition, you have the possibility to be protected by the Integri-T program, a warranty of used homes in partnership with the ACQ, and the Tranquilli-T program a legal insurance that takes care of you in case of delays, discontinuance or others.

Use the force of network

In addition to interacting with other brokers in your interest, Danielle provides you with a network of reliable professionals with whom she has worked for many years. You will have access to a mortgage manager, notaries, building inspectors, land surveyors, home-staging designer, real estate photographer and much more.

How much does this quality real estate service cost?

Many homeowners and prospective buyers are wondering if it is cheaper to embark on the real estate adventure with or without a broker. To this, Danielle responds first that she guarantees a quality real estate service for the investment of a lifetime while proving the financial advantage of doing business with her.

However, she will never talk about her rates over the phone or the Internet because, as in an interview, a broker's wage is discussed in person. That is why this is the first topic to be discussed at a face-to-face meeting. With evidences, Danielle shows that more money will remain in the pockets of her clients by choosing her in their team.

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